Our Story

After the success of Berri’s café in 1996, our owner wanted to bring the same great taste, experience and service to a broader audience. With fresh ingredients, friendly staff and fast service our kitchen will sure to delight you.

About us

So what is so great about our pizza’s?
Take one bite and you will know.
From the mouthwatering, savory ingredients, attentive staff, and speedy service,
we help you build a healthy dining option and keep you on time for your next event.

To Day

Make your own pizza

Build your own pizza whether you are looking to make a healthy option or treat yourself, we have you covered with only the best ingredients.


Looking for something different? Create a delectable sandwich to satisfy even the most hangry of appetites.

Lobster Pizza

Ready to indulge a bit? Our savory Lobster pizza is just the thing!


Crisp, fresh handcrafted salads ready for when you are looking for a twist on the traditional.


Our philosophy is to make only the best handcrafted foods all while making you feel apart of an exclusive club.

We challenge ourselves daily to ensure only the highest quality ingredients, best recipes and atmosphere exceed your expectations because lets be honest, you deserve nothing but the best.

We pride ourselves in being able to bring that privilege to you everyday.